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"This is a true boutique experience -- it's not a department store -- so you will be treated and "handled with care" so your shopping experience is perfect."
Review from Best Buys with Alan Mendelson
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"ADANIAS IS FRESH & EXCITING! It is a place were you can unwind all your style habits. If you're a stylish woman and care about fashion, this boutique is for you! I am always pleased to find the best in clothing with prices to match! Finally, there is a place that has the entire package"
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"I absolutely L-O-V-E this place! Great quality fabrics. Hip for a teenager and chic for a woman. Oh, and the prices are very reasonable. I don't even go the Mall anymore. You got it all here, apparel, shoes, handbags, and accessories!"
Review from MERCHANTCIRCLE.com

"OMG-this is the BEST boutique and I have been a boutique shopper for a LONG time. You can always find great things here. Things that are different from everywhere else. The service is second to none. The secret is out...this is the place to shop. "
Review from MYFOXLA.com

"I LOVE THIS BOUTIQUE! Every time I have an event, the first place I go to is ADANIAS. She has every look you can imagine. Had my mom's birthday party, she had the perfect classy dress. Going to Vegas for the weekend, she has the HOTTEST dresses and sexy pieces! Adania has an amazing eye for fashion, I never go without a purchase as I always find something that fits me and my budget, can't get enough. It's rare to find a boutique with such high end fashions for such affordable prices, it's absolutely the perfect place to shop"
Review from BOUTIQUING.com

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Insanely Super Cute #Balenciaga #Sunglasses of #SalmaHayek

Insanely Super Cute #Balenciaga #Sunglasses of #SalmaHayek

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